A succulent savoury is better
than dry lobster.

Paul Bocuse (* 1926)


Hannes Schlegel

Chef de Cuisine
from Zwenkau, Germany
Hannes leads the kitchen with calm, vision and a passionate commitment to new goals. He has worked as chef de cuisine and sous chef in various star and toque restaurants in Germany, Finland, Switzerland and the US. His culinary creations shine with surprising and memorable tastes as well as artistic presentation.
A reflective and goal-driven chef de cuisine, who will break fresh ground with C’est la vie.

Sascha Schmidt

from Leipzig, Germany
Sascha shines with his extensive wealth of experience, pointed expertise, straightforwardness and speed in implementing the Chef de Cuisine’s ideas. He has worked in star- as well as Gault Millau-decorated restaurants in Australia, Germany, Austria, Bali and Switzerland, in some as Chef de Cuisine.
A reliable and skilful Sous Chef, whose diligence and love for detail are indispensable at the Chef de Cuisine’s side and at C’est la vie.

Christian Kleinert

Demi-Chef, Gardemanger
from Halle, Germany
Christian enriches the kitchen with tranquility, stoic cool-headedness and stress resistance. As a vegetarian he contributes valuable knowledge to C’est la vie regarding vegan-vegetarian food. He gives our kitchen a feeling and conscience for environmental friendliness, sustainability and quality standards in respect to the products we use.
A Garde Manger Chef with a cool head, who shares his creativity for every culinary detail far beyond cold dishes.