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Memories of France.

The creamy taste of foie gras and the taste of the sea of the oysters. The elegance and power of the Premier Grand Cru Classé of Pavie Macquin in Saint-Emilion or perhaps the intensity of the Pouilly-Fumé of Serge Dagueneau from the Upper Loire.

While the aroma of home-baked baguette fills the room, the champagne cooler takes its place at the carefully set table. On the next table, you hear the elegant and charming melody of the French language as the waiter reads out the menu. Cosy get-togethers in a pleasant and laid-back atmosphere. Just as typically French as the frog’s legs served in a parsley sauce, the lobster with tarragon, the Charolais beef in a veal sauce and tartar au couteau.

Wonderful memories create a top-class taste experience.